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Free printable winter bucket list | alexbrands.com

Winter can seem LONG, especially with little ones at home that are stuck inside. Consider printing out our winter bucket list and work to cross each fun task off the list!

Free printable winter bucket list | alexbrands.com

Give each of these a try and check them off the bucket list as you go!

  • Build a snowman. If you are lucky enough to get some snow, use your Snoman kit or if you don’t get snow in your neck of the woods, check out the Insta-Glow Snow!
  • Knit a scarf. See how to easily make one using our Happy Little Loom.
  • Do a science experiment. Blow their minds with science!
  • Look for the North Star through a telescope!
  • Decorate cookies. Who says they’re just for Christmas time?
  • Send a thank you note. There’s always a reason to say thanks!
  • Have a spa day! Make your own bath bombs to make them extra special!
  • Build a blanket fort. The Knot-A-Quilt is a fun blanket to craft up then use for your fort!
  • Stay in PJs all day. Why not?
  • Re-create the Ice Age. Pair this activity with a book about it from the library.
  • Have an indoor tea party. Or have a picnic in the living room!
  • Design your dream home. Draw it out with pencil and paper or build a 3D version with the Young Architect kit.
  • Work on your magic act. It builds self confidence and is very entertaining!
  • Paint without a paintbrush. Use something as simple as finger paint or think outside the box, like a fly swatter or meat mallet!

Shrinky Dinks pin icons with free printable | alexbrands.com

  • Color, bake and shape Shrinky Dinks. Try out any one of our pre made kits or design your own with our plastic sheets.
  • Complete a random act of kindness. Be on the lookout for a way to make someone’s day or help someone in need.
  • Handmake a gift. Jewelry, friendship bracelets, or hair accessories? You decide!
  • Drink hot chocolate. Add lots of marshmallows!
  • Visit a new museum. When you need to get out of the house, make it an educational trip!
  • Scrapbook your year! We have lots of kits to help make that happen.

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Free printable winter bucket list | alexbrands.com