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It’s sometimes hard to get all the way through an art project with a toddler.  My 2 ½ year old daughter is constantly bubbling over with excitement about wanting to do “a project”, but it’s not always easy to come up with something appropriate to her level of fine motor skills as well as something that can be done from start to finish in 15-20 minutes, or before she loses interest.

Enter Tots Art Start kit from ALEX.

In this box are the makings of 6 art activities – some shaped pieces of paper for decorating, a little baggie with some shredded paper for collaging, assorted tissue papers and three triangular easy grip crayons, assorted large and small sticker circles, and two frames with peel and stick paper centers.


While she enjoyed coloring and decorating the various pages, it was the sticky frames that were the biggest hit.  Basically, what you get are two paper frames on which the center is sticky paper (once an adult or an older sibling peels off the paper covering the sticky part.)  Then, because the entire area is sticky, your little one can collage to her hearts content without having to take any glue stick breaks.

My biggest tip with projects like these is to remember that it’s all about process and not about creating the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ picture.  Even though some of the pieces in this kit look like they are supposed to be decorated a certain way, there is no one correct way to make these projects….It’s important to let your littlest artists know that they can create whatever and however they want to. Even if you end up with a feathered donkey covered in ladybug stickers.

Just have fun and enjoy the minimal cleanup!

Tots Art Start has grown into an entire collection of great art kits for toddlers!

Thanks to Jessica Kobrin Bernstein, author of Peekababyny.com for today’s post. Before becoming an “over-educated” stay-at-home mom (as she likes to put it), Jessica was a teacher. These days you can find her either chasing after her lively kindergartener and toddler or cooking something in the kitchen.

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