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Most of the time, my kids think bath time is good, clean fun! But, every once in a while, one of them decides that they just don’t want to take a bath any more.

Here are some things we’ve done to help change their minds – and a few tips I learned from friends who faced the same challenge with their own kids!

1. Find the perfect water temperature. Too hot and they won’t want to get in; too cold and they won’t stay in.

2. Do they not like getting their face wet? Keep a clean towel nearby so they can quickly dry their face.

3. Include some fun bath toys. Some of our favorite bath toys are  Piggy Pigs (their mud spots disappear in water and then reappear when dry), and magnetic boats. They’re so cool that the kids play with them out of the tub!

4. Get creative. I know moms who create themed baths. We aren’t that fancy in my house, but my kids do love a couple of drops of blue food coloring – for them, it transforms the tub into the ocean! ALEX has some great creative bath toys like foam bath stickers that stick to the walls – with water, tub crayons and paint for bath time artists, and tub instruments for budding musicians!

5. Make it quality time. You have to sit there and watch them, so make the most of this quality time! I like to sit and watch my kids play, but I know some parents find this the perfect time to read that family chapter book out loud!

6. Make sure they’re warm when they get out of the tub. Have a towel and comfy pj’s nearby.

7. Don’t wait until they are too tired to start bath time. 

ALEX has an entire line of fun and educational bath toys that make bath time a breeze–the only caution is that your kids may not want to get out of the tub!

How do you encourage your kids to take baths, and what do you do to keep bath time fun and engaging?