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Creative thinking is so important for a child’s development, therefore encouraging it is a core feature in my parenting strategy. Creativity has more benefits than I can count, but here are few, and also some tips on how you can build it into your daily lives.

Benefits to Stimulating Creativity:

Encourages self-expression – drawing, and engaging in other creative pursuits, gives kids a voice. I have learned a lot from and about my children by listening in as they create.

Builds fine motor skills – many creative pastimes help children develop the fine motor movements that are important for scholastic success.

Helps children discover passionsPretend play and creative expression help children discover what truly interests them.

A great way to de-stress – I often set out a creative activity for my kids to do after school, as I find it soothes tired nerves and makes it easy to ease back into home life. This also motivates my first grader to get her homework finished (so we can get started on the activity), and it’s a wonderful bonding time for me and my kids.

Tips for Encouraging Creativity:

1. Choose a few basic art supplies that you always keep out – Identify creative items that won’t add to your stress level. In our house, keeping crayons, tape, paper, and scissors readily accessible works well, but if you have a child who eats crayons or draws on the wall you may need to find an alternative (I have had great success getting crayon off walls using a plain rubber eraser). Dress-up clothes, play dough, and blocks are all excellent alternatives.

2. Bring out special craft items from time to time – My kids drew picture after picture when I brought out our new ALEX metallic creamy crayons. I especially love to keep “luxury” craft supplies like these for times when I know the weather will be bad and high-stress situations.
Sit and listen while they create – My kids love for me to sit at the table and just listen while they create. Sometimes they tell me about school or things that are bothering them, sometimes they describe what they are drawing, and sometimes they have me draw with them.

3. Be creative yourself – You don’t have to do the same thing your child is doing, but I think it is great for them to see parents modeling creativity. I find that doing something creative is a great way to relax – while challenging my mind.


Here’s a quick video of a creative afternoon with my kids – you’ll see a few examples of what I’ve been talking about!

What do you do to encourage creativity in your home? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

Here are tons of inexpensive and essential art supplies to keep on hand for a quick project; before school is also a good time for a little fun creativity!

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