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My oldest daughter Emma loves crafts. She gets it from me, and usually I’m happy to help her – but, with three other (younger) children, I am always looking for fun craft kits that she can do on her own. When I saw the Patch A-Peel Purse, I knew it would be hit.

craft kits, crafts for kids

I set it aside for her seventh birthday, and she was thrilled when she opened it! I was impressed with how nicely the bag was made, it’s fully lined with soft pink fabric!

craft kits, crafts for kids

Emma really enjoyed making this bag her own with the pre-cut sticky fabric shapes and adhesive gems that came with it. I loved that the shapes allowed plenty of room for her to express her own creativity, and that it was something she could do all on her own!

craft kits, crafts for kids, DIY

Emma really enjoyed planning out her picture – the front side of the bag has lots of exciting stuff going on, and the shoulder strap is also generously decorated! The back has a single, carefully-made bird:

craft kits, crafts for kids, DIY

This little kit was so cute, fun, and easy for Emma to do that it is now on my “birthday presents for friends” list! Here are a few other ALEX toys that are on that list:

My Pretty Mosaic: This was actually my introduction to ALEX Toys! Emma got this kit for her third birthday from a friend, and she really enjoyed it! We’ve since given it as a birthday gift a few times!

Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff: We have tried several of the ALEX Shrinky Dink kits, and this is one of my kids’ favorites! Read about the fun we had in the Shrinky Dinks Magic post!

Shake, Rattle & Teethe: My baby loves this baby toy, and so do I! It’s cute, the toys have a lot of variety, and they are the perfect size to stick in a diaper bag!

What are your favorite ALEX toys to give as gifts?