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Did you have pretend play tea parties as a child? I have vague memories of playing tea party with my sister and stuffed animals and dolls, and I love watching my kids play!
In Britain, you can wear fancy hats to High Tea. My kids aren’t big on hats, but my girls think it’s fun to wear their fancy hair accessories for tea time!

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The ALEX Tin Tea Set is the perfect size for little-girl tea parties – tiny enough to feel dainty and to double as doll dishes, but large enough to hold and pretend to drink exotic teas from. Raspberry is the preferred tea at our parties!

pretend play, play tea party, tea set, kids tea set, parenting tips

Tea parties are excellent learning opportunities, as well! They are a great way to practice introductions, social talk, and general etiquette. I also love tea parties as a time to talk with my kids about things that are on their minds. Sometimes we have extra-special tea parties with real food and grown-up china!

In a tea party rut? Here are some super fun tea parties we have hosted:

  • Mystery tea party: come to the party as a character from a book you have been reading as a family. Sometimes my kids come as animals!
  • Nature tea party: host a tea party with pretend food made using plants from your garden!
  • Silly story tea party: Take turns telling the next part of a silly story going round the table. Any time someone sets down their tea cup, it’s time to change the story teller. We have played where the person who sets their tea cup down has to take over, as well as where the person who set their tea cup down gets to pick the next story teller!

What are your favorite tea parties – either with your own kids or as memories from your childhood? Do you have a favorite type of pretend play that you enjoy with your kids?