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Remember the days before text messages and email? I do! I used to have a pen pal when I was young. I met her at camp one summer, and for the next few years we wrote back and forth via the good ‘ole postal service. I remember sharing all about my life with her, my secrets, and my accomplishments.

Having a pen pal can be such a great experience for kids. They learn from the friendship, enjoy getting letters and goodies in the mail, and it’s an opportunity for them to practice their penmanship and letter writing skills.

My oldest daughter has a friend that lives about an hour away. She sees her every few months at different events. But in between those meet ups, my daughter and her friend send letters back and forth to each other. They have fun creating cards, and sending little trinkets through the mail.

Recently we sat down together and made a few cards for her pen pal, as well as a few friends. Both my daughters used pieces from their Eco Scrapbook and Groovy Scrapbook craft kits.

pen pal, pen pal for kids, snail mail pen pal, scrapbook

Scrapbook paper, plain colored paper, stickers, ribbons, and markers are just a few items you can use to create unique and personalized cards.

pen pal, pen pal for kids, snail mail pen pal, scrapbook

It’s fun to embellish cards with ribbons, buttons, die cuts, and jewels. Making cards also gives your child a chance to use their creativity. Handmade always carries with it an extra dose of love, too!

pen pal, pen pal for kids, snail mail pen pal, scrapbook

My girls always love to place a little something extra inside the envelope along with their card or letter just for fun. Here are a few items that make great add-ons to a snail mail treat:

pen pal, pen pal for kids, snail mail pen pal, scrapbook

  • Balloons
  • Stickers
  • Bracelets (like the Lacelets bracelet pictured above)
  • Paper dolls
  • Baseball card or other trading card
  • Finger puppet
  • Bookmark
  • Photo

With the dangers our children face in the world today, finding a trustworthy pen pal can be difficult. Ask your friends or family who live in other states if they know someone who would be a good fit for your child. It could even be a child in your hometown that they don’t see often, but get along with.

Having a pen pal can be a great experience both fun and educational!