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It’s not fun to be stuck inside the house on those cold and rainy days that come with the beginning of Spring. So what do you do to keep the kiddies occupied, when it’s raining cats and dogs out there? Turn it into a craft activity, of course!

Put a fun spin on those gloomy April showers with this printable craft! It’s vibrant colors and cheerful characters are sure to brighten up any rainy day.


What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 3 Page Printable – (Click  images to download)

RainingCatsDogs-01 RainingCatsDogs-02 RainingCatsDogs-03

How To Make It:

RainingCatsDogs-04 RainingCatsDogs-05 RainingCatsDogs-06 RainingCatsDogs-07 RainingCatsDogs-08

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