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ALEX Spa DIY Bath Bomb Donuts

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Product Description

ALEX Spa DIY Bath Bomb Donuts lets kids create a fun, fizzy and fragranced tub time experience. Mix chemicals, colors and scents to create a powdery mix that hardens in a donut shaped mold. Top off your creation with soap sprinkles and dunk it in the tub. As your donut dissolves the water turns effervescent and colorful with a clean relaxing aroma. Make 6 bath bombs to give as gifts or keep all for yourself!

Includes Donut Shape Mold, 2 Cornstarch (1.27oz/36g each), 2 Epsom Salt (1.27oz/36g each), 2 Succinic Acid (0.63oz/18g each), 2 Baking Soda (2.54oz/72g each), 3 Food Coloring (0.1oz/3ml each), Colored Confetti (0.35oz/10g each), Glycerin (0.5oz/15ml), Chocolate Fragrance (0.5oz/15ml), 6 Cardboard Discs, Measuring Spoon and Easy Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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