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New! ALEX Spa Bathaccino 2-Pack

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Product Description

ALEX Spa Bathaccino 2 Pack helps your bath tub barista mix a perfect bath! Use the straw-spoon to scoop in your favorite colors and scents, then make your spa water fizzy and festive with bath bombs and bath confetti. Comes with two fabulous scents; Strawberry Surprise and Lavender Chill!

Includes 2 Straw Spoons, 2 Bath Sponge Poufs, 2 Epsom Salts (2.12oz / 60g each), 4 Round Bath Bombs (.35oz / 10g each), 4 Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs (.28oz / 8g each), 2 Bath Confettis (.53oz / 15g each) and Easy Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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