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Collector’s Edition Metal Original Slinky


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Collectors Edition Slinky®

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Product Description

The Original Slinky Brand Collector’s Edition Metal Original Slinky is packaged in a cardboard black and red ink box that was inspired by the artwork used on the packaging for the first Slinky in 1945. The spring is actually a black metal to reproduce the look of the first Slinky’s as well. For over 3 generations Slinky has captivated children and adults all over the world with its soothing sounds and movements. Slinky toys stretch like an accordion and wiggle and jiggle in your hands providing endless fun everyone. Watch the Slinky walk down stairs one step at a time while producing that classic Slinky sound! Perfect for stocking stuffers, prizes, presents, and more because everyone loves a Slinky! Original Metal Slinky measures 2.75in. diameter wide by 2.15in. high. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.