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Scientific Explorer Young Architect Building Set


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Young Architect

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Product Description

Reveal the world of architecture to your kids with the Young Architect kit from Scientific Explorer®! This kit includes everything kids need to plan, design, and build a 3D model building! The building pieces from this set are reusable so kids can create buildings over and over without having to purchase more building materials! Kids will design a floor plan using room templates, furnish the floor plan using furniture guide and colored pencils, then build a 3-dimensional model on top of the floor plan. This kit also comes with a 7-step fun and fact instruction manual that teaches kids the basic principles of architecture. This is a great educational gift for kids ages 8 and up!

Kit includes:

  • 9 room templates
  • 6 large pieces of paper
  • 3 furniture guides
  • Acrylic wall and blocks
  • Sheet of peel and stick doors and windows
  • 18 inch by 24 inch acrylic work mat
  • 4 colored pencils
  • 7-step fun and fact manual


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