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Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit


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Explore the mysteries of meteorology with the Wacky Weather Science Kit.

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Wacky Weird Weather Kit

Product Description

With this Scientific Explorer™ kit kids can make their own tornadoes, thunder, snow and other crazy weather phenomena as they explore the mysteries of meteorology. Kids will learn about the most incredible forces of nature by recreating them through fun and eye-opening experiments.  Parent Supervision required.  This kit is best for kids 12 years and older.


  • Includes test tube with cap,Color tablets,2 plastic bottles,Vortex connector, 15 beads,Balloon,Instant snow,Measuring spoon,Volcano mold and cap,Baking soda,Baking soda,Citric acid, Instruction manual
  • Includes 28-pieces for experiments
  • Uncover all the secrets behind our weird and wacky weather
  • Make a tornado, create a tidal wave, make powerful weather effects and whip up a blizzard
  • Learn to act and think like a real scientist by comparing things, asking questions and making observations
  • Science kits make great educational gifts for kids!




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