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Scientific Explorer Tornado Maker Kit


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Tornado Maker

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Product Description

Tornadoes may seem magical, but really they can be clearly explained by science! The Scientific Explorer® Tornado Maker kit lets kids build their own spinning, twirling, whirling tornado! Kids can even look right into the eye of the storm using the Bird’s Eye View! Kids will be able to create different types of tornadoes by combining different objects and liquids and adjusting the wind velocity in the storm simulator. A manual is also included which teaches kids about the different types of tornadoes & tornado structures, how tornadoes dissipate, how to forecast tornadoes and more! This is a great educational gift for kids ages 6 and up!

This kit includes:

  • Tornado maker
  • Storm cloud lid
  • 3 foam models (tractor, pig, & cow)
  • 29-page fun and facts manual


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