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Scientific Explorer Slime Time Mix-It


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Slime Time Mix-it

Product Description

Scientific Explorer Slime Time Mix It is a kit for making different types of slime. What’s better than a handful of goopy, oozy slime? Slime that you make yourself! This super easy science kit includes powder to make three divine kinds of slime: basic, transparent, and glow-in-the dark. Just mix with water, right in the can. Added bonus: makes whoopee cushion sounds when you squish it!

Includes 3 packets of different colored slime powder, canister, injector, mixing stick, simple instructions, and two sealable slime storage bags. Canister measures 3.5-inches (8.9-centimeters) in diameter by 5-inches (12.7-centimeters) in height. Use the sealable storage bags to keep your slime fresh. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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