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Scientific Explorer Monster Bath Bombs

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Scientific Explorer Monster Bath Bombs lets your little mad genius create 4 gruesome bath bombs. Follow instructions to mix up chemicals and mold creatures that will fizz and dissolve in the tub. Add a mysterious center to your Monster Bombs, like a glittery galaxy, a slimy brain, a glowing skull or a popping eye for extra creepy bathtub adventures. Kids can create Fizzy-Pop Cyclop, Melting Martian, Zombie Bomb and Dr. Fizz-Enstein! Make bath time extra special by adding glow powder or fizzy tints for a color changing surprise.

Includes a Monster Mold, Measuring Spoon, Toys (Eyeball, Brain, Skull, Bouncy Ball), 2 Bags of Cornstarch (2.54oz/72g), 2 Bags of Epsom Salt (2.54oz/72g), 2 Bags of Succinic Acid (1.27oz/36g), 2 Bags of Baking Soda (5.08oz/144g), Scented Lavender Glycerin (0.51oz/15ml), 3 Food Coloring Bottles (0.3oz/9ml), Luminescent Zinc Sulfide (0.18oz/5g), 3 Color Tints (Red, Yellow, Blue) and Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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