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Scientific Explorer Charming Test Tube Jewelry


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Scientific Explorers Charming Test Tube Jewelry Kit

Product Description

Scientific Explorer Charming Test Tube Jewelry lets a young chemist keep a close eye on their experiments by wearing them! With four 2in tall test tubes that come with caps and a stand, you can set up your lab anywhere and conduct 4 awesome experiments. Make ordinary powders fizz and foam, concoct a color changing mixture, create a rolling wave and a glowing test tube and even mix your own to see what you can create! Best of all, turn your test tubes into pendants for to wear your experiments.

Includes Glow Powder (Zinc Sulfide 0.07oz/2g), 6 color tablets (0.15oz/4.2g), Baking Soda (1oz/28g), Red Cabbage Juice Powder (0.1oz/3g), Cross-Linked Polyacrylate Copolymer (0.5oz/14g), Scoop, Pipette, 4 Charming Test Tubes (2in.), 4 Caps, 4 Clasps, 4 Polyester Satin Cords (24in/61cm), Test Tube Stand and Instruction Guide. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.



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