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New! Scientific Explorer Bee-ology

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Product Description

Scientific Explorer Bee-ology lets you be the bee! Learn about the fantastic science of bees and how important they are to our environment. Look through a bee mask and see with Bee-Vision! Pollinate flowers like a bee with the plush finger pollinator. Manage your own peel and stick bee hive and make magnetic bees dance to communicate directions. Learn why bees buzz by building a swinging Bee Buzzer. Learn all about a bee’s anatomy by building a 3D plastic model honey bee full of squishy anatomy guts.

Includes Bee Vision Lens, 14-Piece Bee Anatomy Model, Craft Stick, 2 Paper Craft Strips, 7 Paper Clips, Paper Bee Buzzer Wings, Rubber Band, Cotton Twine (18in/45.72cm), Bee Hive Board, 2 Bee Hive Vinyl Clings, Bee Sticker Sheet, Magnetic Bee Pollinator and instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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