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Scientific Explorer Amusin’ Illusions


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Product Description

Scientific Explorer Amusin’ Illusions teaches you how to trick your own eyes. Use 3D glasses to see images pop off the page or watch patterns appear to move on their own. Build a monster whose eye follows you wherever you go, a triangle that makes no sense and a cube that moves on its own. Also, see magic motion in things that spin, things that refract and even things you draw. The instruction manual guides you through the steps of each experiment while teaching you the science behind them, so you can fully understand the concepts and come up with experiments of your own.

Includes 3D-illusion monster, dancing cube, impossible triangle, water illusion card, spinner disk handle and base, 2 disks, Mobius paper strip, 4 theumatropes disks, paper straw, paper tube, 3D glasses, 3 tessellation templates, brad and full color instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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