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New! Scientific Explorer 12 Days of Discovery

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Product Description

Scientific Explorer 12 days of Discovery comes with everything a young scientist needs to create fun toys literally from scratch. Make creatures, crystals, slime, and snow! The advent calendar design lets kids have a new project each day. Countdown to a holiday, birthday or event! Keep one lucky kid busy for a dozen days or have a party and entertain a bunch of friends. The projects are: Ball Blast Bouncers, Mix & Make Gelly Bugs, Hydro Super Sand, DIY Bath Bomb, Grow A Crystal, Erupting Volcano, Instant Glow Snow, Crystal Tree, Monster Eye Illusion, Slime, Instant Gooey Worms, and Mix & Mold Putty Monster.
Includes Volcano Mold, Succinic Acid (0.35oz/10g), Red Baking Soda (0.35oz/10g), 3 Packs Of Hydro Super Sand (0.53oz/15g each), 4 Packs of Ball Powder (0.39oz/11g each), Green Slime Base (0.68oz/20ml), Clear Slime Activator (0.01oz/30ml), 3 Small Zipper Lock Bags, Colored Glue (068oz/20ml), Pink, Liquid Starch (0.34oz/10ml), Monster Shape Mold, Plastic Arms and mouth, 2 Googly Eyes, 2 Instant Glow Snow (0.35oz/10g each), Worm Activator Liquid A (0.17oz/5ml), Worm Activator Liquid B (0.34oz/10ml), Monster Eye Body, 2 Monster Eye Arms, Monster Eye, Paper Tree, Crystal Liquid (0.68oz/20ml), Blister Tray, and Gelatin (0.18oz/5g), Bug Mold, Purple Baking Soda (1.41oz/40g), Cornstarch (0.71oz/20g), Epsom Salt (0.71oz/20g), Succinic Acid (0.35oz/10g), Lavender Scented Glycerin (0.17oz/5ml), White Map Crystal Powder (1.76oz/50g) Measuring Beaker, 4 Stir Sticks, mixing Spoon and Round Ball Mold. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.



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