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Scientific Explorer My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit


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Product Description

Scientific Explorer My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit will have children young and old mixing safe powders to create solutions that foam and fizz! In this educational, make-it-yourself kit you’ll make bubbles and even make an erupting volcano! Along the way, you’ll learn some cool science about fizz and foam and how to make it bigger and better. In each of the 7 activities, your child will get to act and think like a real scientist.

Foamy Science includes vegetable oil (2oz.), citric acid (0.78oz.), baking soda (1oz.), baking yeast (0.25oz.), 3 color tablets, 3 plastic bags, 2 plastic cups, 2 sticks, a magnifier, measuring spoon, straw and 11-page activity guide. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.



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