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Brainy Bucks Real Money ATM


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Product Description

Brainy Bucks Real Money ATM makes smashing your piggy bank a thing of the past! Key in your secret PIN number and the large screen welcomes you by name, then gives you all of your up-to-date account information. Deposit coins into the coin slot and the bank will automatically add them. Enter in the amount of cash you’re putting in and deposit it through the automatic bill feeder. When it’s time to withdraw, enter your pin and tell the bank how much you’re taking and the secure vault will open to let you take what you need. The ATM will show your new balance. If the ATM card is lost or stolen, the machine activates by inserting any ATM, credit or debit card, but still requires your PIN number!

Brainy Bucks Real Money ATM comes with a fully illustrated, educational “Money Masters” booklet, which teaches kids how to be Money Smart from the Start and measures 9in. high x 2.5in. deep x 5.5in. wide, comes with a 1.5in. x 2.5in. ATM card and requires 2 “AA” batteries that are included. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.


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