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Ideal Ryan Oakes Magic Set Assortment


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Ryan Oakes Magic Set Assortment

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Ryan Oakes Magic Set Assortment

Product Description

Let your kids become a master magician with this Ryan Oakes Magic Set! This set includes all four Ryan Oaks magic sets! Each set contains instructions and supplies for 15 magic tricks, a total of 60 tricks are included between all 4 sets! Did you know performing magic tricks can help your kids’ self-esteem, public speaking, communication, verbal, and critical thinking skills? This is a great gift for kids ages 7 and up!

Assortment set includes:

  • Thumb tip
  • 2 food cards with case
  • Quarter through pencil prop
  • Disappearing lollipop
  • “Magic Paint Card” props
  • “Curved Strips” props
  • 4-pack of crayons
  • “Crazy Coins” prop
  • “Rabbit Rings” props
  • Disappearing card box
  • “Super Quarter” props
  • “Number Mystery” props
  • Easy to follow instructions for all kits!


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