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Ideal Magic Street Magic Wizard


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Age: 8 Years SKU: 860140-1 Categories: ,
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Product Description

Ideal Magic Street Magic Wizard is the ultimate kit for the future street magician. Learn 100 magic tricks that can be performed up-close. Put on your magic baseball cap and get ready to be the hit of any party, classroom or street fair. Have your friends make cool videos of you amazing strangers with your magic skills. Tricks include glowing thumbs, trick baseball cap, karate quarter, pen through dollar, and many more. Instructions and codes for online videos starring magician Ryan Oakes who performs and teaches some of the popular tricks included in this set.

Includes a Magic Hat (65% Cotton, 35% Polyester), Mystery Deck, 15 Funny Cards, Penny/Dime, Karate Quarter, 5 Paper Bills, Magic Shoelace with Clip Reel, 2 Light-Up Thumbs, Gravity Trick Plastic Piece, Magnetic Pen, Levitating Bandana (100% Polyester with Wooden Beads) and Instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.


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