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Ideal Magnificent Magic Money Show


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Ideal Magic Magnificent Magic Money Show

Product Description

Ideal Magic Magnificent Magic Money Show teaches a beginner magician 25 tricks that will amaze and impress their family and friends. The illusions are all money related and can be practiced with the included play money, but can also be performed with real money! Tricks include Karate Coin, Pen Through Dollar, Self-folding Dollar, Penny and Dime, and more. The instruction book also contains a code to unlock secret videos online, where professional magician Ryan Oakes will teach you how to perform with each prop.

Includes Double-Sided Wallet, 11 Play Money Bills, Haunted Dollar, Karate Quarter, Play Lotto Ticket, Mini Ball, 3-piece Penny and Dime Trick Set, 3-Piece Perplexing Pen, Magic Membership Card, Symbol Card, Card Envelope, Play Debit Card, Prediction Card and Instructions. Recommended for children 7 years of age and older.


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