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Ideal Magic Mad Skillz Street Magic


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Ideal Magic Mad Skillz Street Magic teaches young magicians tricks no one will forget. With 40 easy to learn illusions and a bunch of high quality magic props, kids can take their magic act to the next level. Amaze the audience with the scarf through phone trick, a floating phone, a self-tying shoelace, a magical bandana and much more! Instruction booklet by professional magician Ryan Oakes teaches how all the tricks are performed and includes codes to unlock how-to videos online.

Includes a Scarf (100% Polyester) with “Phone Trick” Piece, Magician’s Deck of Cards, 10 Funny Cards, 4-Piece Card Fake Out, Levitation Tool, Shoelace (20in/50.8cm), 4 Paper Bills, Nested Box Set, Penny/Dime Prop, Charcoal Stick, Metal Ring, Secret Pocket Bandana (100% Polyester) and instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.


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