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POOF Strato Slam Rocket Battle Blast



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Double the fun when you battle with friends. Slam the clamber to send rockets flying high.

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Parent's Choice Award- Fun Stuff Toy
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Strato-Slam Rocket Battle Blast

Product Description

What could be more fun than stomping down on a blaster that will send a foam-tip rocket 200 feet in the air? Battling your friends to see whose rocket will soar the highest! This rocket is kid powered. Just stomp and watch it fly. No batteries required.For ages 5

The Poof rockets have a solid design when compared to other launch rockets. Strato-Slam rocket wings are durable soft foam and the launch pad is a sturdy 2 part design that simply clicks in place and does not require screws. Kids and parents will see the difference when flying the Poof Strato-Slam rockets 200 feet in the air!

  • Includes 6 foam tipped rockets,2 launching docks, 2 air hoses and 2 blast chamber. For ages 5



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