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POOF Twist N Turn Flyer


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Age: 5 Years SKU: 420030-1 Categories: , ,
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Poof_420030-1_Twist N Turn Flyer_Individual Green_FrontAnglePoof_420030-1_Twist N Turn Flyer_Individual Grey_FrontAngle (1)Poof_420030-1_Twist N Turn Flyer_Individual Orange_FrontAngle (1)

Product Description

POOF Twist N Turn Flyer lets you control the flight pattern of your flying toy. The foam flyer has three grips that bend and hold their shape and each little twist changes the aerodynamics of your toy, creating a different experience every time it’s thrown. Keep bending until you find the perfect pattern. The harder you flick, the further it flies, so with the right shapes and throw, it can travel over 200 feet. The Twist N Turn flyer comes in 3 color combinations, green/blue, red/blue and black/gray.


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