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ALEX Toys Spongebob Ring Toss in The Tub Kit


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Play silly ring toss with SpongeBob!

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Product Description

SpongeBob Ring Toss in the Tub Game by ALEX Toys is a classic game of Ring Toss, but in SpongeBob style! Just toss soft foam rings onto the jellyfish’s legs and win! All of the foam pieces float and stick to the tile walls when wet, so you can decorate the bathroom just for bath time! Some Characters and accessories form rings, which can be tossed at SpongeBob’s jellyfish friend. It’s all good clean fun! And when you finally convince your child to leave the bathtub, everything stores in a mesh bag that suctions to the wall where everything can drip dry. Also a great toy for the kiddie pool! Includes a 10 piece SpongeBob with jellyfish target, 6 ring shaped accessories, 13 various characters and flowers and mesh storage bag with suction cups. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.


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