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Ideal Ten Commandments Bible Game


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Ten Commandments Bible Game

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Ten Commandments Bible Game

Product Description

This product is now discontinued and no longer available on this site.The Ten Commandments Bible Trivia Board Game from Ideal?? is the perfect way to have a great family game night, while learning about important lessons surrounding the 10 Commandments! Travel through the land of the Bible while completing the Good Neighbor Project and the Philistine Project. The first player to collect all Ten Commandments after completing these projects wins! The Ten Commandments Bible Trivia Board Game is a great way to teach kids Biblical History! Perfect for bible studies, vacation bible school, family game nights, and more! Designed for 2 to 6 players, ages 10 and up!

Game includes:

  • Folding game board
  • Journey wheel spinner card
  • 6 sets of colored commandment tablets
  • Set of white commandments tablets
  • Deck of scroll cards
  • Discs representing baskets of grapes, grains, olives, and fish
  • White discs representing pieces of silver
  • 6 playing pieces
  • Instructions



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