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New! Ideal Chicken Booty Chase


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Fast paced dancing game of speed and luck
Chase the chicken as it dances around and collect as many eggs as possible
Hatch your eggs to see what’s inside. Beware the lizards and rotten eggs
Includes Chicken Booty with belt, 12 Eggs, 4 Cartons, 20 Tokens and Instructions
Recommended for 3-5 players aged 4 years and older.

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Product Description

Ideal Games Chicken Booty Chase is a fast-paced dancing game of speed and luck. Decide which child will be the chicken and strap on the booty filled with eggs. The other 2-4 players will follow the dancing chicken grabbing as many eggs as they can. Whoever gets the greatest number of chicks wins. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Most eggs contain chicks, but some contain lizards, worth no points and some are rotten eggs,which count as minus 1.The player with the most points wins and gets to be the chicken in the next round! Includes Chicken Booty with belt, 12 Eggs, 4 Egg Cartons, Sheet of 20 Tokens (13 Chicks, 4 Lizards, 3 Rotten Eggs) and Instructions.Recommended for 3-5 players aged 4 years and older.


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