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Ideal Bank and Bounce Tabletop Game


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Product Description

Ideal Bank and Bounce Tabletop Game brings fast paced arcade style fun to your home! Place the 16in (40.6cm) tall by 16.75in (42.5cm) long gameboard on a table, then turn on the power to start the action. As lights flash, the cups spin and the 30 second timer starts! Bounce a table tennis ball onto the pad, off the backboard and into a moving cup. You have half a minute to make 7 shots. The cups are numbered so each one has a different value. How many points can you score? Each player takes a turn so there’s no limit to how many people can play. Bounce it! Bank it! Sink it! Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included).

Includes Bank Shot Bounce game, 7 balls, 7 cups and instructions. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.


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