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ZOOB Fastback H2H



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Fastback H2H

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ZOOB Fastback H2H gives you twice the Power! Build two cars and race them or build one super-powered machine. Fastback Modeling System lets you create your favorite vehicle, then set it in motion. A single pull-back motor propels a car up to 25-feet, without batteries. The ZOOBMobile Fastback H2H includes 45 ZOOB pieces in unique racing colors, 2 pull-back motors, 8 wheels with tires that work like gears and instructions to build a H2H Ultra Wedge or a H2H WideTracker or more! ZOOB is not like any other building set – the pieces include gears, axels and joints that snap, click, and pop together! With rotating, spinning and extendable parts you can actually design a toy to play with, instead of just building something to look at. Create monsters—or vehicles—or monsters that turn into vehicles! ZOOBMobile puts wheels on your creations to make your ZOOB go ZOOM! Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.