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ALEX Toys Craft Dough Sweets Play Set


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Dough Sweets Play Set 1Dough Sweets Play Set 2
Dough Sweets Play Set

Product Description

Satisfy a creative sweet tooth with the Dough Sweets Play Set. Each set contains all you’ll need to make a variety of realistic-looking dough sweets that definitely look good enough to eat. Make dough pops, ice cream cones, candy, cookies and many more sweet-looking concoctions, with easy-to-follow instructions. Not edible.

This clay can be reused over and over again! ALEX modeling dough is  air dry, simply leave it out overnight –  it should not be baked in the oven. Store clay in is a ziplock bag.

Set contains: | 4 colors of soft, easy-to-mold dough in airtight containers | 38 mold shapes | 2 ice cream cones |plastic plate | dough roller | dough shaping tool | 4 ice pop sticks



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