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ALEX DIY Sweetlings Party-Fetti Friends

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Product Description

Sweetlings Party-Fetti Friends comes with everything you need to Frost Your World and bring 4 adorable Sweetlings characters to life! Use whipped clay icing to layer and frost 4 plastic mini-cake slices and add some accessories to create a one-of-a-kind Sweetlings look. Each tube of whipped clay icing has a star shaped decorating tip and cap. With leftover clay you can decorate your festive party plates and background. Create B-DAY BASHling, FROSTY DREAMling, CHOCO FUNling, and BERRY BLASTling.

Includes 3 Color Swirl Whipped Clay Tubes (0.56oz/16g each), 3 Star Tips and Caps, Glitter (0.7oz/2g), PVC Decorative Shapes, Party Fetti Shapes, Plastic Sprinkles (0.7oz/2g), 8 plastic mini-cake slices, 4 cake plates, background, Tweezers and Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


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