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ALEX Discover My ABC Busy Box

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Product Description

ALEX Discover My ABC Busy Box lets the smart kids get creative, creative kids get smart and keeps everyone entertained for hours. Following step-by-step instructions, children start with a cut-out letter of the alphabet and craft it into an object that starts with that letter. Make an R-robot, and S-snake, a T-tiger, P-pizza and so much more! There’s enough projects to keep a group of preschoolers entertained, or one lucky kid busy a whole rainy day.

Includes 10 Letter Punch-Out Sheets, 2 Paper Letters, 2 Peel & Stick Letters, Corrugate Letter, 2 Scrafitti Letters, Wooden Stick, Glue Stick (1.4oz/40g), 8 Finger Crayons, 16 Acrylic Yarns (4in/10.2cm each), 8 Acrylic Yarns (6in/15.24 cm each), 4 Jumbo Googly Eyes, 2 Cupcake Wrappers, Polyester Fabric Flower, 2 Puffy Flowers (Foam Rubber), 6 Wooden Pop Sticks, 7 Pipe Cleaners, 7 Sticker Sheets, 2 Bags of Paper Shreds, 5 Polyester Felt Shapes, Chunky Button, Paper Plate, Rubbing Plate, Paper Bag and Easy Instructions. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.


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