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ALEX Craft Giant Art Jar – Nature

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Product Description

ALEX Craft Giant Art Jar – Nature is a giant bucketful of fabulous craft activities. Everything you need for making a bountiful bundle of wood, paper and fabric DIY goodies. Follow instructions to make a fox, a tree, butterflies and many more nature themed projects.

Includes 10 Wooden Pop Sticks, 3 Animal Pop Sticks, 3 Crepe Papers, 2 Corrugated Papers, Paper Tube, 6 Paper Straws, 6 Wooden Shapes, 9 Pipe Cleaners, 20 Wooden Beads, 2 Rattan Balls, 8 Wooden Buttons, 5 Wooden Rods, Burlap (Jute), Rope (Jute – 1.09yd/1m), 4 Paper Twine (5.47yd/5m each), Craft Scissors, Glitter Glue, Crinkly Paper, 3 Polyester Fabric Flowers, 6 Feathers, Glue Stick (0.3oz/8g), 64 Pom Poms, 20 Googly Eyes, 3 Paper Plates, 26 ABC Felt Shapes, 5 Colored Papers, 2 Sticker Sheets and Easy Instructions. Recommended for children 4 years of age and older.


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