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What’s better than chicken noodle soup on a sick day? How about ALEX Silly Soup!

This is the perfect craft printable for a little one to do when they are feeling under the weather or maybe it’s just too cold to play outside.

Get their creative juices flowing as they stir up their very own Nosey Noodle Soup, Chunky Chocolate Chipmunk Chowder or Stinky Sock Stew. *Print 3 bowls to make them all!

Here are the recipes…


What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 4 Page Printable – (Click  images to download)

SillySoup-01 SillySoup-02

SillySoup-03 SillySoup-04

How To Make It:

SillySoup-05 SillySoup-06 SillySoup-07

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