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All of the ALEX Little Hands products are designed specifically for preschool aged children. The Ready, Set collection gives little ones a head start building skills they need to feel confident they can succeed in school.

In this craft printable we have combined the developmental skills of Ready, Set, Cut!, Ready, Set, Fold! and Ready, Set, Paste! into a fun and easy craft. It’s great way to kick off the Easter weekend while exposing your child to a positive and enjoyable learning experience.


What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 2 Page Printable – (Click  images to download)

ReadySetBunny-01 ReadySetBunny-02

How To Make It:

ReadySetBunny-03 ReadySetBunny-04 ReadySetBunny-05 ReadySetBunny-06 ReadySetBunny-07 ReadySetBunny-08 ReadySetBunny-09 ReadySetBunny-10 ReadySetBunny-11 ReadySetBunny-12

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