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Designed specifically for preschoolers, our kids activities are fun to make and play with afterwards.

Check out our Octopus fun facts and games to add to your play time together after your Octopus is complete!

In addition to our downloaded printable, you’ll never need more than a few readily available household items to complete any of our crafts! Instructions are always included with pictures to guide you along.

They’re easy to make and the end result is one that your kids will take pride in!

What You Need:

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Toilet Paper Tube

  • 1 Page Printable – Download HERE

How To Make It:

Fun Octopus Facts and Games for Kids
» They have eight arms and are boneless so their bodies are flexible, allowing them to swim through very small spaces.
» They live in hidden spaces; in holes or crevices of rocks.
» They can swim backwards.
» They vary in size with the largest growing as much as 23 feet.
» Their favorite things to eat are crabs and crayfish. 
Name your Octopus, count his arms and name places in the ocean he can squeeze through. 
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