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Welcome to Juice Box City, population – how ever many juice boxes you can drink!

Take a drive down Orange Lavaburst Lane or see what’s happening at Flashin’ Fruit Punch Park. The best part about this craft printable is the added play value. The kiddies will be happy to build an entire town that they can cruise around with their toy cars. These buildings are a great addition to any playmat,  or the little ones can continue to get creative by drawing their own roads and scenery to build around.

What are you waiting for? Starting drinking those juice boxes! Get out your crafting tools and start building your very own town.


What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 6.75 oz Juice Boxes

  • 4 Page Printable – (Click  image to download)

JuiceBoxCity-01 JuiceBoxCity-02 JuiceBoxCity-03 JuiceBoxCity-04

How To Make It:

JuiceBoxCity-05 JuiceBoxCity-06 JuiceBoxCity-07 JuiceBoxCity-08

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