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This week’s printable is a wonderful game for promoting memory skills and cooperative play.

Download the two printable pages for 12 matches (24 cards), or for older kiddos (and to gradually increase the memory challenge for the little ones), print out additional sheets. Not only are there more cards to remember, the additional sheets introduce the twist of repeated pairs!

All you need are scissors and the printable pages, which you can download HERE. After downloading, cut the squares, which are your playing cards, along the dotted lines and you’re ready to start playing!


Line the cards into a grid face down.
Players take turns.

The first player flips over 2 cards.

If you make a match, keep the pieces and take another turn until you cannot find the match.

Then it’s the next players turn.

Continue playing until all the cards have been matched.

The  player with the most pairs at the end wins!

ALEX printables are designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers and inspired by our Little Hands line of products, including a collection of memory and matching games for this age group that also have a fun element of pretend play!  You can also find new printables each month to download and color on our Facebook page!