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We recently traded our large plastic play kitchen in for this adorable wooden play kitchen. We paired it with a play cooking set and baking set for lots of pretend play. 

My husband is thrilled with the smaller footprint, and my kids adore it! They actually use it a lot more than the larger one. My three-year-old sits at it for hours, baking to her heart’s content, and my seven-year-old uses it with her eighteen-inch dolls – it is the perfect size for them, too!

Here are a few ways we love playing with this kitchen:

Imaginary Baking. Putting pots on the stove, pans in the oven, and stirring.

 Sensory play. Add in a few dried beans or pasta and turn your kitchen into a transferring activity! Practice spooning the beans from a pot into another pot using one of the many different spoons included in the super cooking set!

Storytelling. Bring some dolls out and have them bake. What are they cooking on the stove today? My five-year-old son loves to make our stuffed animals bake, often with comical results!

Play restaurant. Make a menu, add a tea set, and you have hours of fun pretend play ahead! Practice table setting skills and dining etiquette through play!

Crafting inspiration. Use air-hardening clay to make pretend food to go with your kitchen! If you have a pottery wheel, use that to make some dishes!

Play house. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I’ve noticed that it’s at the heart of my children’s imaginative homes as well!

Did you have a play kitchen when you were a child? How do you remember playing with it? Do your kids have a play kitchen? What games do they play?