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Shrinky Dinks

SD_about_usShrinky Dinks® offers a wide variety of kits and playsets with pre-printed plastic pieces that can be colored, then baked-to-shrink in an oven, to create charms, ornaments, figurines, and more. The globally recognized toy brand has expanded its line of miniature merchandise into new dimensions with silicon molds that shape the plastic as they shrink to create 3D pieces. Shrinky Dinks also gives the ability to customize colors and cut shapes to create truly unique objects, making them a favorite of jewelry makers, artists and crafters!

Have you loved Shrinky Dinks since you were a kid? Founded over 40 years ago by two scout leaders, you can learn more about their history, fun facts.

Shrinky Dinks History

It all begin in 1973,  when Cub Scout Leader Betty Morris, a Cub Scout Leader, was looking for ideas for her troop to make Christmas Ornaments. One craft book mentioned drawing on clear food lids with permanent ink markers.  Cub ScoutsAfter punching holes in the lids, it instructed them to put them on a cookie tray and bake them in a home oven until they shrink into small charms.    Betty was amazed how they melted and shrunk but did not catch on fire.  She phoned a plastic company who provided samples of the plastic.   Along with co-leader Katie Bloomberg, she hosted a Cub Scout meeting where the boys tried and loved the project! They traced and colored Christmas ornaments, then gathered around the oven to watch them shrink. The kids even  fought over the plastic scraps to take home.



The minimum order for plastic was 1000 pounds.  Betty and Katie asked their husbands for $600.00 each to purchase the plastic and other items that would needed to create the first  Shrinky Dinks kits.The first kits sold for $2.50 each.  They were actually large white envelopes, featuring Betty’s artwork, that they had printed. Each set envelopes contained: 10 sheets of clear plastic, instructions and ideas, plus a black permanent marker.   Katie, Betty and their kids packaged them in the front room of Betty’s house and put them into boxes that they had obtained from various Grocery Stores.Betty-Katie at mall

SD packaging
Betty and Katie set up shop at Brookfield Square in Brookfield, Wisconsin and set a record for sales. 
In 3 months they were selling in 27 stores and sold over $50,000 worth of Shrinky Dinks! Today Shrinky Dinks has been sold in countless stores and in over 40 countries.



Shrinky Dinks “flat” days are over! While everyone knows Shrinky Dinks for its flat pieces of art, now you can bake it into 3-Dimensional pieces of jewelry!  It’s true! Recently ALEX Toys created a unique silicon mold that bakes the thin flexible flat Shrinky Dinks shapes into thick sturdy plastic cuffs for bracelets and rings. Check it out!jewelry pic2

Fun Facts:

Betty and Katie considered these names Shrink Small, Shrinky Small, Shrinky Little, Shrinky Dinky and Shrinky Dinkies.  But their friends and husbands all liked Shrinky Dinks the best.before -after

Shrinky Dinks shrink to 1/3 of its original size and becomes 9 times thicker.

Shrinky Dinks for therapy:  In 2009, Emporia State University explored the use of Shrinky Dinks in art therapy.  In 2014, Shrinky Dinks were presented as an art therapy media in a workshop at the American Art Therapy Association Conference.

In 2014, a team from Harvard University and MIT used Shrinky Dinks to create self-assembling robots.

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