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ALEXTOYS_about_usALEX Toys provides high quality, innovative and trendy toys. From infant to tween, we empower confidence and inspire kids to express their creativity by providing creative toys for baby, bath time, preschoolers, pretend play, spa, fashion, jewelry and active play. ALEX Toys also offers a full line of art supplies and desks, so whether your child likes to have fun coloring or is a very serious maestro of meticulous masterpieces, there is a diverse selection of products to suit their needs.

award-winner-iconALEX Brands® sells some of the most iconic, recognizable, toys and games in the market today. With brands dating as far back as 1907, ALEX has expanded children’s imagination and creativity through fun and play with more than 2,000 high quality products. Family trusted websites, magazines, parents groups and more have recognized us over the years by giving our products their highest stamp of approval Shop over 175 ALEX Toys award winning toys and activities.


alex-toys-collections-logos ALEX Toys mission is to provide high quality, innovative and trendy toys for infants to tweens that encourage exploration, foster creativity, build confidence, and introduce valuable skills that can last a lifetime. Our Product lines include:


Active Play provides good old fashioned outdoor fun. Toys and games designed to let your child’s spirits and creativity soar while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. With sporting equipment for the year round athletes as well as innovative and modern versions of classic summer games, ALEX keeps kids engaged and entertained from picnics to parks and backyards to school yards.


ALEX Jr. products are designed for baby’s first years. Introduce your child to the world with vibrant colors and graphics for visual and tactile stimulation. Wooden toys, musical instruments and building products help to develop hand-eye coordination and foster creativity for children 0-18 months.


Craft kits cultivate creativity, foster fun and encourage enterprise! Kids can hone their crafting skills while making jewelry, toys and fashion accessories that they can cherish, give as gifts or even sell. Dough, beads, yarn, stickers, markers and even duct tape – all the arts and crafts supplies needed to construct keepsakes everyone will love come in every set.


Artist Studio has wide variety of art supplies for children of all ages. Whether your child likes to have fun coloring or is a very serious maestro of meticulous masterpieces, there is a diverse selection of products to suit their needs. Paints, brushes, papers and palates for all skill levels of painters, colored pencils, markers and crayons for those who draw and even glitter, stencils, stamps and scissors for the crafty kid.


Little Hands toys, games and kits are made specifically to prepare preschoolers for their first day of school. Products to help teach your child the basic skills needed to be a classroom leader and art supplies to foster the skills necessary to impress the other kids at the craft table. All activities include easy-to-follow visual “no reading required” easy instructions.


Pretend Play products provide hours of imaginative fun! Put on a puppet show, cook an imaginary meal, serve guests at a tea party, play school or be a carpenter – anything is possible!


Rub a Dub bath toys are designed to turn the chore of bath time into the joy of play time. Make music, create art, be a pirate, go fishing or even make soup in the tub–It’s all good clean fun! They’ll be so engaged in playing, they may not want to leave the bathtub!


Spa line primps and pampers your child. Decorate their hair and nails or make a statement with temporary tattoos. Kits and accessory sets are big enough to share making these perfect of parties and sleepovers.


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