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If you’re a mom of multiple children, you know how difficult it can be to find quality time with each child. Consider putting together some Mommy & Me Dates, a set aside time to spend with your children doing something fun! With all the things that end up on our busy schedule, it’s important to schedule time to reconnect with your kiddos, and let them know just how important they are to you.

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Try a Mommy & Me spa date! Spend time chatting, getting facials, doing your nails, creating lip gloss and bubble bath and laughing! The Super Mani Pedi Party,  has lots of activities to get your Mommy & Me spa date started! Use the polish, nail file and nail stickers to put funky designs on your nails.

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Then switch it up and mix your own lip gloss in a variety of colors with the Mix & Makeup Lip Shimmer.

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And finish your spa day creating your own bubble bath gel with Mix & Make up Bubble Bath Gel.

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Test out all your favorite spa kits and save some ideas for your next sleepover or to use these for party favors!