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If you’re a mom of multiple children like me, you know how difficult it can be to find quality time with each child. That’s why I enjoy putting together Mommy & Me Dates. It’s simply a set aside time to spend with your children doing something fun! With all the things that end up on our busy schedule, I know it’s important to schedule time to reconnect with my kiddos, and let them know just how important they are to me.

Recently, my daughters and I had a Mommy & Me Spa Date, and it was so much fun! We spent time chatting, getting facials, doing our nails, creating DIY lip gloss and bubble bath, and laughing… lots of laughing! We used the Super Mani Pedi Party craft kit from ALEX Toys, and were surprised at all the great items inside! Glitter, polish, nail files, and more!

spa, spa day, craft kits, mani pedi craft kit


The girls had fun creating funky designs on my nails, and putting designed nail stickers on theirs. After our nails were polished to perfection, we had fun mixing up our own lip gloss in a variety of colors with Mix & Makeup Lip Shimmer, and our own bubble bath gel with Mix & Makeup Bubble Bath Gel.

Mommy daughter date, craft kits, spa day

mommy daughter date, spa date, craft kits

craft kits, spa day, bath gel, lip gloss


They came out so cute, and I noted for the future that these and the other ALEX spa and beauty craft kits would make great DIY party favors! Aside from all the pampering we were getting, and the fun we had together, it was also an opportunity for me to bond with the girls, and get a sneak peek into their hearts and souls. I can’t wait till the next opportunity we get to find time for another Mommy & Me Spa Date, do our nails together, or get cucumber and oatmeal facials again!