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Free printable robot coloring sheet and craft | alexbrands.com

Does your little guy or girl LOVE robots? Check out lots of fun robot toys and games from Alex Brands and free printables to create your own!

Color, cut and paste together a fun robot craft with our free #printable | alexbrands.com

Color, cut and assemble this fun robot using our free printable!

Paper chains are a fun craft for kids to make and the results are beautiful! Print out one or multiple pages to create a chain as long as you want! | alexbrands.com

Or create a paper chain robot!

Pull the strings and watch this robot climb up with just the help of some basic household items! Download our free printable and have fun going up and down over and over again! | alexbrands.com

Or use some simple household supplies to make one that climbs!

Cut out and assemble this robot shape then decorate and personalize with the coordinating accessories! Download our free printable | alexbrands.com

Or make a 3D one using our free printables!

If your little one loves robots, check out these fun robot products from Alex Brands:

  • Alex Toys Shrinky Dinks Robots – Color precut Shrinky Dinks and bake to create mix and matched dangling robots
  • Alex Toys Sparkly Sticker Pictures Robot – Just peel and stick the foam stickers on the pre-printed cardboard picture to create a fun robot design!
  • Future Coders Robot Races – Decorate your own robot hat with stickers and become the robot as you race around a track and solve challenges!
  • ZOOB Bot – Snap, pop or click ZOOB pieces to create robot designs. Kit includes 4 wheels, 1 light up piece and instructions to make 4 robots.

There are new ALEX Printables coming out all the time so make sure to follow us on Facebook or check back on our blog so you don’t miss any of the action! You can get all of the ALEX Printable Crafts by visiting our Printables section.

Parents: we love to see our products and printables in play! Feel free to share their finished creations on our Facebook Page!

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Free printable robot coloring sheet and craft | alexbrands.com