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Napkin Rings Dinner TableHere’s a fun way to make decorative napkin rings that look like a Native American headdress. The items required are ones that you almost certainly have on hand in your home, so you’ll be able to set the kids up quickly!

It’s a great opportunity for them to also be involved with the Thanksgiving holiday preparations. They’ll have fun making these easy, colorful kids Thanksgiving crafts, your table will look festive and your guests will be impressed with the personal touch! Smiles all around :-)

Here’s all you need:

-Paper Towel Tube

-Construction Paper



-Colored Markers

Native American Napkin Rings

Start off by cutting 1-inch wide circle rings from the paper towel tubes (help younger kids out by cutting these first and having them ready to go!), then continue with these steps:

Native American Napkin Rings

Native American Napkin Rings

To make them extra fancy, glue scraps of fabric over the napkin and use real feathers picked up from the craft or dollar store.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

We’d love to hear about your fun holiday decorating crafts, please share in the comments!

Today’s guest blogger is Shana, a keen crafter, a mac & cheese maker, boo-boo kisser and one big kid who never fully grew up! After college, she landed her dream job designing toys, creating fun products and designs. We’re fortunate to have her share her creative crafting ideas on the ALEX blog!