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In search of festive kids Thanksgiving crafts, we took out our Kid Concoctions Weird Wacky & Wild book and found the prefect project! See below for the “How-To” on making jewelry out of Indian corn.

To make Indian Corn Jewelry you will need:

Indian corn kernels

Sewing needle




An adult

I couldn’t find loose kernels at any of my local grocery stores, so I bought the decorative bunches of Indian corn sold in the floral department.

The first step is to take all the kernels off of the cob. Lori actually had a really fun time popping them all off!

Put all the kernels in a bowl and soak them for several hours so they become soft.  This is an important step otherwise the kernels are too hard for the needle.

Next, thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Of course, parents need to judge their child’s ability to safely handle a needle before starting this craft, as well as supervise throughout.

Push the needle through each of the soft kernels until the necklace or bracelet is as long as you want it to be. Lori, who is 4, was able to do this step very slooooowly, but halfway through she decided it was more fun for her to pick out whichever pretty kernel she wanted next and I strung it on. The necklace came out really nice; the kernels look like shiny colorful stones. I even made one for myself!

Tie both ends of the thread together, put on and enjoy your festive new jewelry!

What fun crafts do you and your family enjoy doing for Thanksgiving?