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I have been taking and posting a photo every day for seven straight years. This project has been a way for me to not only document the events of my family but to express my creativity. Creativity is what I want to help cultivate and stimulate in my children. A big part of how I do this is through artistic expression.

With my daughter, she is four, we color, paint, sing and play instruments. I play like a four year old and color outside the lines take pictures at odd angles and make up silly songs. Through crafting I can see my daughter beginning to develop her sense of self, her ability to create and achieve. She is proud of her work and we celebrate it.

I recently received a couple of  Little Hands craft kits from ALEX Toys, Clothespin Farm and Pop Stick Art. The really nice thing about each of these kits is that each project is bagged separately in the box. The little hands of a preschooler can easily punch out the pieces and assemble the crafts themselves. There are stickers, colorful characters and very little mess. I don’t mind messy but do love it when a project is nice and neat and easy to complete.

The Little Hands line has been around since 2006 and I think that ALEX has refined the kits down to a simple science. Provide everything that a child needs to create, make it simple to assemble, make it colorful and include a glue stick. Kids love glue. They also love stickers, so the combination of colorful paper pieces, pop sticks, clothespins and glue makes this a real winner. Then when the finished product looks as good as they do you have an even bigger win on your hands. But the biggest win of them all is to come into a room where your child has just complete the art project they have been working on, they look up see you and show you their work with the biggest smile and look of accomplishment on their face. That is priceless.

Thanks to Drew Bennett from Ben Spark for today’s post. Drew is a husband and lucky father of two adorable kids. He is also a photographer who has continuously taken a photo a day, for years and years. Find out how far along he is now! At BenSpark.com, Drew blogs about life with his wife Allison and their children.

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